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The Polish Air Force
Pictures With Questions

Should you be able to identify people or places, or provide any relative information, 
please contact us by e-mail: in
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Last update: 10 July 2003

ni_1.jpg (74300 bytes)
 No. 300 Squadron crew.
ni_3.jpg (172691 bytes)
No. 308 Squadron on the continent. Still few names are missing.
ni_2.jpg (38364 bytes)
No. 304 Squadron crew during Gen. Izycki's visit.
ni_4.jpg (12455 bytes)
Probably a member of No. 317 Squadron.
ni_5.jpg (10783 bytes)     

ni_7.jpg (12810 bytes)

ni_38.jpg (21485 bytes)

ni_44.jpg (18186 bytes) ni_41.jpg (12870 bytes)
ni_42.jpg (11957 bytes) 

ni_36.jpg (16117 bytes)

ni_48.jpg (29559 bytes)

ni_61.jpg (21203 bytes)
Wladyslaw ?
308 Squadron

ni_11.jpg (47979 bytes) ni_13.jpg (27269 bytes)
No. 316 Squadron members needs positive identification.
Bo10.jpg (79132 bytes)
Probably early No. 300 Squadron, Hemswell.
ni_15.jpg (55789 bytes) ni_8.jpg (144853 bytes)
Early No. 309 Squadron. Persons to be identified.
ni_45.jpg (54457 bytes) ni_49.jpg (28546 bytes)
ni_17.jpg (268563 bytes) ni_18.jpg (131349 bytes)
No. 308 Squadron over the continent
Bo28.jpg (68877 bytes)
Names of this 300 Sq Wellington crew
ni_21.jpg (49941 bytes)
Polish airmen in France
ni_30.jpg (63747 bytes) ni_29.jpg (72970 bytes) ni_22.jpg (66838 bytes)
Probably No. 307 Squadron airmen.
ni_23.jpg (66511 bytes)
Who is it at Blackpool Pleasure Beach?
ni_28.jpg (74158 bytes) ni_27.jpg (89851 bytes) ni_32.jpg (100523 bytes)
Who receives gongs from hand of President Raczkiewicz?
ni_33.jpg (257816 bytes)
ni_39.jpg (67937 bytes)
Who is Stanislaw Birtus'  (leather coat) company?
ni_34.jpg (23556 bytes) ni_35.jpg (139022 bytes)
Half of those members of No. 317 Squadron  needs identification.
ni_37.jpg (19407 bytes)
ni_46.jpg (44982 bytes) ni_50.jpg (90376 bytes)
Who are these 315 Sq pilots?
318_who2.jpg (43551 bytes)
318 Sq. Who's behind the mask?
306_kto1.jpg (64193 bytes) 306_kto2.jpg (77317 bytes)
These 306 Squadron's pilots needs positive identification.
ni_47.jpg (56939 bytes)
1942. Who visits the 315 Sq? First on right is F/Sgt Matus. In a middle (MaeWest) is Sgt Nawrocki.
317_who1.jpg (19308 bytes)ni_60.jpg (12651 bytes)
Who are these men?
ni_Laskowski.jpg (34467 bytes)
A mysterious figure in 315 Squadron. One source indicates that it might be Sgt Laskowski, but no pilot of this name was ever mentioned in the unit's ORB. 
Who is it?


ni_14.jpg (38197 bytes)
318_who3.jpg (42330 bytes)
ni_26.jpg (43381 bytes)
ni_16.jpg (31896 bytes)
ni_9.jpg (49981 bytes)
ni_19.jpg (90522 bytes)
ni_31.jpg (184170 bytes)
ni_25.jpg (52178 bytes)
ni_40.jpg (18632 bytes)


318_who1.jpg (59570 bytes)
ni_24.jpg (58420 bytes)
ni_6.jpg (17032 bytes)
ni_42.jpg (11957 bytes)
ni_43.jpg (27960 bytes)
ni_10.jpg (49781 bytes)

    10 July. Without doubt  ni_10   depicts member of the 316 (Polish) Squadron Zbigniew Sosnowski, who recognized himself.
    8 February.
More question-solving info from Wojtek Matusiak ni_42  depicts F/O Adam Habela, while   ni_43   is a photo of F/O Leslaw Szczerbinski; both pilots of No. 308 Squadron and both were killed during service. On  ni_15  , wearing a stripes scarf is Longin Winski.
    12 January 2003.
Laurent Taveau from France recognized Zygmunt Kawnik (crossed arms) and Jan Pomietlarz to his right at picture  306_kto2  taken at ALG Coolham in summer 1944. This was confirmed by Mr. Zygmunt Kawnik himself. Jonathan Hoseason recognized his grandfather, Zygmunt Krzeptowski,  ni_6  late member of No. 303 Squadron
    14 August 2002
. After comparing it with other available pictures, the  ni_26  appears to be that of of P/O Walenty Krepski (BoB).
    17 July 2002
. Bernard Lazewski confirmed the pilot on  ni_14  to be P/O Wojciech Popiel of No. 317 Squadron. Picture taken on 16 March 1943.
    8 May 2002.
Wojtek Matusiak confirmed that  ni_40  depicts Jerzy Szymankiewicz.
    28 April 2002.
Danusia Mazurkiewicz recognized her father, F/Lt Jerzy Mazurkiewicz, in photo  ni_3  (308 Squadron on the continent) who is standing 4th from left in the front row. In photo  ni_17  he is (again from the left) the 3rd of the officers standing up. He is wearing a pilots flat cap. Thanks Danusia.
    8 April 2002.
Jozef Krzywonos, Polish signal officer positively recognized F/Lt Stanislaw Kon from No. 318 squadron in picture  318_who1 , and F/O Radwanski (left) and F/Lt Galicki from the same unit in picture  318_who3 .
    4 April 2002
. Thanks to Wojtek Matusiak from Poland, most likely the following queries are definitely solved:
 ni_3  (Always from right) Standing on the a/c: Bronislaw Mach, Jan Kurowski, Leszek Szczerbinski, ?, ?.Sitting are: ?, Waclaw Korwel, ?, Tadeusz Schiele. In front: Stanislaw Bochniak, Jozef Sawoszczyk, Mierzejewski, ?, Waclaw Chojnacki, Soszynski, Witold Lipinski (behind Soszynski and Retinger), Witold Retinger, ?, ?, Jozef Jeka, ?. (Probably on the picture are also Mazurek, Sochacki and Mazurkiewicz. WR)  ni_9  Piotr Syperek.  ni_16  Edwin Malinowski.  ni_17  No. 308 squadron, Chailey, May 1944. Far left is Stanislaw Bochniak. In a center is Witold Lipinski (with a truck's spare wheel, next to him). Far right is Jozef Sawoszczyk, with Bronislaw Mach wearing gloves (?) in front of him. Gesticulating (in a wedge cap) is Tadeusz Schiele.  ni_18  General Izycki visits the 131 Polish Wing at Chailey, May 1944. In flying boots, with his back to camera is the 308's CO S/Ldr Retinger. Far right is W/Cdr Czaykowski.  ni_19  Wlodzimierz Link (right) and Leszek Szczerbinski - 308 Sq; end of 1943, early 1944.  ni_24  Franciszek Kornicki.  ni_25  Jerzy Zbrozek.  ni_31  Among the archives of the Museum in Krakow, Wojtek found this picture donated by Tadeusz Blicharz who identified people and place: Standing from left: W/C Stefan Janus, F/O Roman Pentz, F/O Jerzy Zbierzchowski, F/O Kazimierz Zakrzewski, F/O Tadeusz Blicharz, F/O Jerzy Stachurski, F/O Jerzy Prasniewski, F/O Tomasz Legowski, F/O Eugeniusz Nowakiewicz and F/O Stefan Madejczyk. Sitting, from left: F/O Stefan Skalski, F/O Stanislaw Krol, F/O Jan Gerstel and F/O Mieczyslaw Wyszkowski. Picture taken at Satal Luft Sagan in 1943.  ni_32 First from right: Teofil Szymankiewcz.Wincenty Fajks stoi rozesmiany piaty od prawej  ni_33 The OTU course. Eighth from left is Karol Pniak.  ni_35 The fifth fourth from right is Wincenty Fajks, with Palej (?) to his left. Eighth is Mieczyslaw Matus with Kolczynski (?) to his right. Leaning on a cockpit, second from right is Kazimierz Zielonka.